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Feb 20
Welcome to Sephardim Hope International
Awakening The Sephardim To The Negev PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dona Gracia Serrano   
Thursday, 25 December 2008 22:13

Sephardim Hope International is a benevolent international non-profit educational organization formed to bring the message of the hidden Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal (known as the B'nai Anousim) to the awareness of the world.  This is a message of hope to those who have felt lost and are discovering their true heritage for the first time.

Sephardim Hope International is also a support to  the nation of Israel working in partnership with other organizations bringing aid and comfort to the people of Eretz Israel.

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We are Anusim (Anousim) PDF Print E-mail

Grace Serrano - Menorah

Many of us have been taught the Holy Scriptures (Tanach) and Oral Law (Mishna). The B’nai Anusim (Anousim) are now learning our Torah, our Hebrew prayers and Jewish traditions. We are re-discovering our identity as Jews.  We are an awakening giant after 500 years of slumber to return what was once lost in history.  We are the surviving  products of  “light” after over 500 years of Inquisition “tortures, cruelty, and forced conversions”.

B’nai Anousim are the miracle result of Hashem’s promised redemption, according to the prophet Obadiah (v20)…that the exiles of Sefarad would return to Israel’s Negev.  Sephardim Hope International functions as a “bridge” to find and bring this message of hope. We understand the feelings of loss and rejection, but also are able to share the blessing of found true identity.

Jewish is the blood covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This cannot be erased or altered because of people’s opinions, if we desire return to our real family.  Jewish is in our blood, because of inheritance, kept customs and spark of Hashem.   We ourselves cannot alter this, only awaken to its truth. We are glad that Ha Shem is our Avinu Malkeinu,  our true Father and King. Baruch Hashem Adonai.


Sephardim Hope Renewed PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 December 2008 07:06

A Short Story Autobiography by Dona Gracia Serrano



The following is an excerpt from a family historical account as seen through the eyes of a Sephardi Anusim (forced one) who did not discover the true roots of her family until her father, at the age of 87, expressed this long hidden secret. It is a typical account of many Sephardic Anusim families who are now discovering their true identity as Jews. This account, a combination of oral history and factual documentational records, in no form is meant to either offend or discredit others perspectives on this subject. The truth, after all, is often a pain staking revelation that must be unfolded on a personal basis.


The following is neither meant to offend any official religion or persons. Forgiveness is a cleansing thing that gives the person giving and receiving it a freedom from the bondage of the past. This again is often a painful process, for one must be willing to go through some pain to receive it. The truth is often hard to face in its rawest form. It is the prayer of this writer, that the following will bring some measure of hope and understanding of the past. This Anusim history and personal account cannot be altered, as it would be as impossible for a holocaust victim to apologize for what they have been subjected to. However, this writing is meant as the beginning of a healing process---a return of lost identity and freedom from past secrets done in the name of often mistaken religious fervor. This account, as painful as it is to share, is done in the spirit of hope and love. “Love”, in this writer’s opinion, as stated in the Tanach, “covers all sins” (Prov. 10:12b).


It is the highest hope that this story, as thousands of other’s similar to it, will continue to bring hope to those who have felt the same wandering spirit and loss of identity as this author has experienced. It is that hope that truth will reveal and heal, what 500 years of hidden history have tried to erase.

“May those who sow in tears, reap with shouts of joy”  Psalm 12a:5

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